Definition of boniato in English:


nounPlural boniatos

  • A variety of sweet potato with white flesh.

    • ‘These paler ones, sometimes called Japanese or Cuban sweet potatoes or boniatos, are excellent in stews and stir-fries.’
    • ‘Supermarket produce departments have become exciting ethnic bazaars: Latino imports - yuca, boniato, tomatillos, and chilies - are especially plentiful.’
    • ‘The boniato, correctly known as a cultivar of the sweet potato, is of the firm kind, with a brown or red skin and white flesh.’
    • ‘We saw local vegetables like yucca, malanga, boniato as well as fruits such as frutabomba, pineapple, mamey, mangos and others.’
    • ‘Yuca, malanga, and boniato (sweet potato) are also commonly served in traditional meals.’