Definition of bonhomous in English:



  • Friendly and cheerful.

    ‘a delightful evening full of bonhomous wit and lively political debate’
    • ‘We're having our Christmas early, as is traditional, and despite the absurdity of silly costumes and sprigs of holly and tinsel on a sweltering June evening, the general mood is jolly and bonhomous and altogether Yule-like.’
    • ‘Like television he is over-excitable, bonhomous, hungry for novelty, permanently racing against the clock.’
    • ‘Expect lots of bonhomous backslapping over the next two days.’
    • ‘When you close the book, you are no closer to understanding film making, but Merchant's generous, bonhomous warmth lingers in the mind.’
    • ‘For most of the day he'd be the genial, bonhomous, fruity old wine-slurper you see on television and then at night he'd turn into a raging paranoid misanthrope.’
    • ‘With such a bonhomous character there is a natural tendency to overlook his lapses of judgment.’
    • ‘I remember a few years ago he took me to what was then his favourite restaurant, Assaggi, and he was in his happiest, most bonhomous mood!’


Early 20th century: from bonhomie and -ous.