Definition of boneshaker in English:



  • 1An old vehicle with poor suspension.

    ‘a boneshaker of a van’
    • ‘We fly to Iasi, a remote university town in the north-east of Romania, on a tiny bone-shaker of a plane with propellers.’
    • ‘A cleaned up adaptation of a Steinbeck novel, this centres on Sweetheart, a boneshaker of a bus rattling over the 'washboard roads' of Southern California.’
    • ‘An old boneshaker of a car was tearing along the Chicago-Cleveland highway at an incredible speed.’
    • ‘It is possible to blow huge amounts of money on car modifications, ruining your automobile and ending up with a fuel drinking stodgy bone shaker.’
    • ‘The Rover still had solid rubber tyres and the smaller wheels meant that it was still a boneshaker which required springs.’
    • ‘Nestled in green mountains, the tiny village of Jima is reached by a crowded, bone-shaker bus via an ochre-hued rollercoaster dirt road.’
    1. 1.1 An early type of bicycle without rubber tyres.
      • ‘He takes us from the French pushbike of 1816 through boneshakers and penny-farthings to the English velocipedes and the Humbers of the 1880s.’
      • ‘The boneshaker was further refined by James Starley in the 1870's.’
      • ‘There were also the lovely old bikes, penny farthings and boneshakers being pedalled around.’
      • ‘By 1863, attaching cranks and pedals to the front wheel of the hobby horse had produced the velocipede, commonly known as the boneshaker.’
      • ‘Old Chinese boneshaker bicycles can be hired for a pittance, and the area is less hilly than much of Xishuangbanna.’