Definition of bonemeal in English:



mass noun
  • Crushed or ground bones used as a fertilizer.

    • ‘The planning permission and industrial pollution control licence will be made for meat and bonemeal only.’
    • ‘For instance, bonemeal (a calcium supplement) is made of animal bones.’
    • ‘I use a mixture of commercial potting mix and compost with extra additions of perlite, bonemeal, and poultry grit.’
    • ‘He has another two factories at Waterford and Cahir, which render offal from cattle into meat and bonemeal.’
    • ‘None of the infected animals was born after Ireland's ban on feeding meat and bonemeal to cattle became operative in 1996 and early 1997.’
    • ‘He said 42,289 tonnes of meat and bonemeal was produced from animals killed and rendered under the culls forced by last year's crisis.’
    • ‘Always wear a dust mask when you apply bonemeal, guano, or any other type of fertilizer that's dusty.’
    • ‘During the autumn, apply an organic fertilizer such as bonemeal mixed with a little dried blood, or use a timed-release bulb food.’
    • ‘Each spring, the Hills' roses are fed with a mix of controlled-release fertilizer, blood meal, and bonemeal.’
    • ‘This problem meant that, at least in this country, the cheapest sources of phosphorus, namely bloodmeal and bonemeal, were no longer available.’
    • ‘Peas also respond well to the addition of phosphorus so digging in bonemeal or rock phosphate will help with pea production.’
    • ‘I compost, fertilize and add bonemeal to the area after the plants have been removed each year.’
    • ‘I have never accepted that BSE came as a result of cattle eating meat and bonemeal containing sheep infected with scrapie.’
    fertilizer, mulch
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