Definition of boneheaded in English:



  • See bonehead

    • ‘Most of the British generals were either boneheaded, or brutes, or both.’
    • ‘Yesterday we said that we're now in the unenviable position of having to climb down from the consequences of our own boneheaded policies.’
    • ‘You both want to admit your feelings but are just too boneheaded to do so.’
    • ‘How stupid do you have to be to make the same boneheaded, hey-look-at-me play twice?’
    • ‘Sadly, though, boneheaded sexism is on the rise throughout the rock scene.’
    • ‘But I am saying that our anti-communism was often boneheaded and dangerous.’
    • ‘If I knew he was boneheaded enough to act on it, I never would have made that joke.’
    • ‘Someone on the park staff, for some still undetermined boneheaded reason, decided to dye all of the park's monkeys various colours of the rainbow.’
    • ‘So no matter how boneheaded an incompetent manager I am, my department is 100% guaranteed to be profitable as long as I'm good at keeping my receipts?’
    • ‘So it seems there's room for improved viewership so long as boneheaded moves in the scheduling department can be avoided.’
    • ‘Our boneheaded entertainment products are probably the biggest part of the problem.’
    • ‘But, more importantly, boneheaded statements tend to beget more boneheaded statements.’
    • ‘Being boneheaded is not something to strive for.’
    • ‘I think I now fit into both camps as I'm pretty sure I will be similarly boneheaded in the future.’
    • ‘First there were the utterly boneheaded proposals to move large chunks of the Ashford work to Chertsey.’
    • ‘Imagine endorsing a sentiment as boneheaded as that!’