Definition of bone dry in English:

bone dry


  • Completely or extremely dry.

    ‘the springs failed this year, leaving the riverbed bone dry’
    • ‘I got up, turned on the humidifier - it's been bone dry for weeks, but the sound is soothing - and sure enough I fell asleep.’
    • ‘At one point it was pouring with rain on one side of the bus, and bone dry on the other.’
    • ‘Farmers are drilling seed wheat into soil that six months ago was bone dry.’
    • ‘For two weeks we had a black frost day and night with a strong east wind and then on February 2nd, when everywhere was bone dry at 3pm, the snow started to fall.’
    • ‘Riesling is one of the most malleable and versatile grapes, producing wine that runs the spectrum from bone dry to lusciously sweet.’
    • ‘‘Through winter we try and keep the citrus plants dry, without being bone dry, since they aren't growing,’ says Russell.’
    • ‘Apparently Gallerus sportsfield is bone dry all the year round.’
    • ‘A barrel for water was found in the field, but was bone dry, added Mr Orsborn.’
    • ‘To toast, place the spice mix in a bone dry frying pan and heat it until warm and you can smell the fragrance.’
    • ‘There was a lot of rain in the area early last week but the fairways were absolutely bone dry by the week-end.’
    • ‘Despite the incessant rain that fell in the build up to the game the pitch was bone dry and it allowed both sets of players to play good football.’
    • ‘Our area is bone dry, and rain is desperately needed.’
    • ‘Australia's long hot summer shows no sign of easing up, with soaring temperatures and bone dry conditions sparking bushfires across the country.’
    • ‘The road was now bone dry and we lost visibility totally behind dust clouds whenever a vehicle passed.’
    • ‘Everything was bone dry, and the cedar breaks below the escarpment held not a single robin, waxwing, solitaire, or bluebird.’
    • ‘The Beale sandhills would be an ideal location for a golf course as the landscape is ideal and it would be bone dry all year round.’
    • ‘She says the tank - which had been full hours earlier with enough fuel to keep the company's nine wagons on the road for a month - was absolutely bone dry.’
    • ‘I drove around the flower beds on the eastern side of the complex, but they were all bone dry.’
    • ‘When water is the new currency and the US is bone dry, the Canadians will be the players and decisionmakers.’
    • ‘Occasionally, when I have travelled into York when there has been a frost, the roads have been bone dry with no white frost nor ice on the road.’
    arid, parched, scorched, baked, burned, dried out, dried up, torrid, hot, sizzling, burning
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bone dry