Definition of bone-breaking in English:



  • 1(of a surface or journey) bumpy, rough, or involving many sudden jolts.

    ‘what passed for roads were now simply bone-breaking tracks’
    ‘a bone-shaking two-hour drive’
    • ‘After a bone-breaking trip being thrown around in the back of the pickup, we arrived at Semuc Champey.’
    • ‘The only way to reach the place was by horse and cart along a road that was full of pot-holes — a bone-breaking journey that could take three or four hours.’
    • ‘It was an experience that more than made up for the two-hour, bone-breaking ride.’
    • ‘We relaxed for a while in the grounds of the old Portuguese pousada at Tutuala before beginning the bone-breaking drive back to the Com Beach Resort.’
    • ‘The hike was bone-breaking.’
    bumpy, jolting, jolty, lurching, jerky, jumpy, jarring, bone-shaking, turbulent, rough, uncomfortable
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  • 2Involving great physical force or violence.

    ‘a bone-breaking blow’
    • ‘Giving evidence for the defence, Mr Riley told the jury that he had used the cosh and struck the bone-breaking blow.’
    • ‘The burly youth held his shield in front, his rattan high, ready to crash down with bone-breaking force.’
    • ‘Having suffered more than most with bone-breaking falls over fences, Swan decided a couple of years ago that discretion was the better part of valour and abandoned the search for rides over the larger obstacles.’
    • ‘After each goal the players flung themselves onto the ground in what should have been a bone-breaking experience, but instead they rolled, jumped and hugged in the dust as if it were a swimming pool.’
    • ‘Fighters can launch themselves off of the top rope, dive through the ropes onto an opponent outside the ring, and lock adversaries in a variety of bone-breaking submission holds.’
    • ‘Gideon hit the ground with bone-breaking force but still he sprang up in a second.’