Definition of bondsman in English:



  • 1A person who stands surety for a bond.

    • ‘The city, in particular, provided bondsmen and women with opportunities to work ‘within the system.’’
    • ‘Patrick Maguire, the central character, is a bondsman in de Valera's rural, frugal fantasyland.’
    • ‘As bail bondsmen know, just about everyone has some money that they can fork over to free themselves from a tight spot.’
    • ‘The other two studies focus on the bondsmen who bore the brunt of the lowcountry's economic growth.’
    • ‘The usually reliable actor has a small role as a bail bondsman, but he plays the part as a caricature.’
    • ‘I have a bondsman who is willing to post $1 million bond without a scrap of collateral because he tells me that there is no risk that he would run.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I need a budget for a bail bondsman - for both of them.’’
    • ‘He was a bouncer at a bar, a bail bondsman, a used car salesman known as ‘Tall Paul,’ and a chemical salesman.’
    • ‘Most private investigators, bail bondsmen and skip tracers have access to these.’
    • ‘At least three other adult entertainment outfits, a private investigator and a bail bondsman have reported similar patterns.’
    • ‘Normally, it can go to a surety company which is sort of like a high-class bail bondsman.’
    • ‘It was high, fifty thousand, but his lawyer's either got deep pockets or a running tab with a bail bondsman.’
    • ‘Apart from local government offices and lawyers, the area is more notable for bail bondsmen, thrift shops and old houses.’
    • ‘And if it weren't for the bail bondsmen, you'd have prison overcrowding, and who takes care of that but the taxpayer.’
    • ‘I could do a million things here, but they would all end up with me calling a bail bondsman.’
    • ‘Due diligence on the part of the bondsman is required.’
    • ‘He was released from a court cell after a bail bondsman turned up with cash and land title deeds to bid for his release.’
    • ‘He begins working in nearby New York City as a bondsman and it is here that his story begins.’
    • ‘Advertisements for pawn shops, bail bondsmen and flea markets confirm a crisis.’
    • ‘Indeed, contempt for the acting profession pervades the film, embodied in the figure of Sutter, the studio bondsman on Howard's tail.’
    warrantor, guarantee, underwriter, voucher, sponsor, supporter, backer
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  • 2archaic A slave.

    • ‘These people were mostly Mahorans, African slaves and bondsmen, Malagasy, and Comoreans from other islands in the archipelago.’
    • ‘Slavery laws maintained rigid social roles for blacks and whites as bondsmen and freemen.’
    • ‘Such work opened opportunities for Appalachian slaves not shared by their fellow bondsmen further south.’
    • ‘It is entirely possible that he began life tied to the land, since at least one letter in the Paston collection accuses him of being a peasant bondsman.’
    • ‘Planters frequently used the whip on bondsmen whom they deemed insolent or guilty of committing crimes.’
    • ‘Traders also sought to provide slaves with external reputations, by changing the physical appearance of the bondsmen through altered diets and better clothing.’
    bondswoman, bondservant, bondslave, serf, vassal, thrall
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Early 18th century: bondsman (sense 1) from bond + man; bondsman (sense 2) is a variant of Middle English bondman, from obsolete bond ‘serf’ (see also bondage).