Definition of bondslave in English:



  • A slave or serf.

    • ‘We are sold for bondslaves.’
    • ‘For thou art Advocate as well as Judge, and unless thou have well organized thy Mind thou art a bondslave of Prejudice.’
    • ‘Not only are there bondslaves and a king, and cruel punishments for the breach of the marriage contract, in that happy island, but there is throughout an atmosphere of asceticism.’
    • ‘Shall she be the Bondslave of Time, the Handmaid of opinion, or the strict observer of every frosty or cold benumbed imagination?’
    • ‘Where he suddenly by night invading the husbandmen in villages and fields, sleeping and mistrusting no harm, drew them out of their houses, men and women, to the number of nine hundred, whom he made his bondslaves.’
    • ‘The state that is bondslave to the law makes a shameful conquest of itself.’
    bondsman, bondswoman, bondservant, serf, vassal, thrall
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