Definition of Bondi in English:


proper noun

  • A coastal resort in New South Wales, Australia, a suburb of Sydney. It is noted for its popular beach.


  • give someone Bondi

    • dated, informal Attack someone savagely.

      ‘Snowy got Maxie in a corner and began to give him Bondi’
      • ‘When larrikins, approach the police now in a belligerent attitude it is their custom to threaten to give them "Bondi".’
      • ‘I quote this instance of the unpopularity of the "force," not as on the level of "Give 'em Bondi," but as manifesting at the time a genuine and general popular revulsion to the irritating innovation!’
      • ‘Many a push battle was called in the dark, to the cry of 'Give 'em Bondi!', a memorial echo of defiance.’
      • ‘She went round the room breaking up furniture, and encouraged the brutal bullies to "give him Bondi."’
      • ‘He anticipates that his former constituents will give him Bondi.’
  • shoot through like a Bondi tram

    • informal Depart or pass by hastily.

      ‘one man shot through like a Bondi tram and then a couple of others quickly followed suit’
      • ‘"We were given the order to fix bayonets and charge, and then the bludgers shot off like a Bondi tram."’
      • ‘By the time I actually had a look and noticed the disaster on my plate, the waitress had shot through like a Bondi tram.’
      • ‘She was off like a Bondi tram as fast as her little paws would carry her down the garden.’
      • ‘Ralph said the man took off "like a Bondi tram" and if he had his Bren gun he would have "stitched him up quick".’
      • ‘I told him I got on the wrong frequency, and he just shot through like a Bondi tram.’
      • ‘Rusty took off like a Bondi Tram and no matter how many times we asked him to slow down he didn't.’
      • ‘I'm not getting confrontational to divert my attention away from my Dad shooting through like a Bondi tram.’
      • ‘He didn't even wait to say goodbye—just shot through like a Bondi tram.’