Definition of bondholder in English:



  • A person owning a bond or bonds issued by a government or a public company.

    • ‘The resale value of physical capital is collateral that secures the value of loans (or that reverts to bondholders, if a firm should go bankrupt).’
    • ‘An Elan bond, where the bondholder can exercise the right to be repaid in 18 months, currently yields 19 per cent per annum.’
    • ‘The issuer promises to pay scheduled interest payments to the bondholder, and return the face amount of the bond after a specified period of time.’
    • ‘She said recoveries for bondholders and other unsecured creditors would be about 0.2 per cent less than earlier estimates.’
    • ‘The reorganization plan must be accepted by the creditors, bondholders and stockholders and confirmed by the court.’
    • ‘Eventually it sought bankruptcy protection, settling with bondholders by agreeing to pay 19 cents on the dollar.’
    • ‘In that case, the company would compensate bondholders for their loss of interest with payment of the present value of future interest.’
    • ‘It sends all the wrong signals to the market and can quickly turn to a vicious downward spiral as lenders, bondholders, and equity investors take fright.’
    • ‘As bondholders, the investors would merely be creditors of the company, rather than members of it.’
    • ‘This is usually applied to plans in falling markets when bondholders surrender their policies early.’
    • ‘Now he's trying to pull the same deal with private bondholders.’
    • ‘This spectacular fall left lenders and bondholders with unpaid debts of some $2 billion.’
    • ‘There are currently 23 million bondholders, owning bonds worth £25 billion.’
    • ‘Out-of-court negotiations are proceeding with the bondholders.’
    • ‘Previously we discussed the event of a corporate liquidation where bondholders and preferred shareholders are paid first.’
    • ‘But City sources said bondholders and shareholders have little choice but to go along.’
    • ‘But now, having pushed through the required changes to keep itself alive, it is the bondholders and creditors who have emerged triumphant and in pocket.’
    • ‘There are also no payouts from either the firm or its guarantor to shareholders and bondholders before the maturity date of the discount debt.’
    • ‘The trustee's job is to liquidate bankrupt companies to repay bondholders.’
    • ‘In exchange for the amendment, bank lenders would be paid back ahead of some bondholders if the company files for bankruptcy protection.’