Definition of bona vacantia in English:

bona vacantia


mass nounLaw
  • (in the UK) goods without an apparent owner, such as treasure trove or the estate of a person dying intestate and without heirs, to which the Crown may have right.

    • ‘On the 14th June 1992 the Lease vested in the Crown as bona vacantia under section 654 of the same Act.’
    • ‘The Crown's claim to bona vacantia was represented by the Treasury Solicitor on whose instructions Mr Leech of Counsel addressed me in relation to proposition.’
    • ‘Over this limit, of £4000, and the Crown will pursue the former members of the company for the recovery of assets which are bona vacantia.’
    • ‘I ask the Minister to give some consideration to what happens to goods that are bona vacantia - in other words, do not have a home.’
    • ‘If that is correct, then those rights will, they accept, have vested in the Crown as bona vacantia, on the dissolution of the Estate Company in 1981.’


Latin, ‘ownerless goods’.


bona vacantia

/ˌbəʊnə vəˈkantɪə/