Definition of bombing run in English:

bombing run


  • The part of the flight path of a bomber which brings it into position to release its weapons.

    • ‘Alright the plan is simple, we'll be using a sandwich attack for the bombing run to bring down the shields.’
    • ‘The MiGs have recently been used on devastating bombing runs against opposition-held positions in the north of the country.’
    • ‘It is worth noting that in August 1943 Johnson had won a rare Medal of Honor in carrying out a dangerous bombing run on Ploesti, Rumania.’
    • ‘‘One of the highlights of Bersama Lima was watching aircraft from five nations conducting low-level bombing runs on a target towed behind the ship,’ he said.’
    • ‘Helicopter gunships and jet fighters used the opportunity to carry out bombing runs over suspected enemy positions.’
    • ‘A further problem was that a pair of ground transmitter-receivers could control only one bomber at a time during its bombing run and that might last up to ten minutes.’
    • ‘The aircraft had lost its engine while making a bombing run on the enemy airfield and landed wheels up in the middle of the runway.’
    • ‘In the early years the students flew in Lincoln bombers and Anson training aircraft, conducting day and night cross-country navigation combined with bombing runs.’
    • ‘His final mission, a low-level bombing run, ended near An Loc, 60 miles north of Saigon.’
    • ‘Most of Compton's experience was in medium or high altitude bombing runs except for some strafing on the desert.’
    • ‘We do have a rumor that the 12 guys who may have survived Air Force bombing runs might have given up.’
    • ‘His literary aspirations were curtailed in 1942 by the outbreak of war, and for two years, as a navigator in the US Army Air Force, he made bombing runs over Germany.’
    • ‘Grandad shot out of bed, grabbed hold of her and informed her that the ‘pretty lights’ were in fact flares to light up the bombing runs for the German bombers.’
    • ‘A century ago to the day, artillery blasted away at landing craft on Normandy beach even after numerous bombing runs by allied aircraft.’
    • ‘The movie was about the work of two doctors to develop a flight suit that kept me from blacking out during dive bombing runs.’
    • ‘In 2002, a fighter jet from the 177th Fighter Wing crashed near a major highway after a bombing run to Warren Grove.’
    • ‘Back then he and his crewmates flew over Denver on simulated bombing runs, practicing electronic jamming of ‘enemy’ radar and honing navigational skills.’
    • ‘We left in the afternoon and completed our bombing run over the Gulf and started back as night was falling.’
    • ‘During World War II, war correspondents braved Nazi bombing raids, hunkered down in foxholes with combat infantrymen, and flew along on bombing runs over Germany.’
    • ‘The space fighter is ideal for space combat, bombing runs, and capitol ship engagements.’