Definition of bombing in English:



  • An act or instance of dropping or detonating a bomb somewhere.

    ‘a series of terrorist bombings’
    • ‘Lots of police have been killed and injured through these suicide bombings.’
    • ‘Twice inside a week the terrorists have carried out bombings in the heart of a major European city.’
    • ‘He is believed to have disappeared days before the bombings - possibly to return to Egypt.’
    • ‘There is speculation that there could be a series of simultaneous bombings across the country.’
    • ‘Police have been unable to ascertain why the hate crime levels have decreased since the bombings.’
    • ‘Terrorist bombings ruin a building, many lives and inflict trauma on the witnesses.’
    • ‘This was the beginning of modern warfare, with its bombings of civilians and lethal gases.’
    • ‘This sadistic boast has been followed by a savage and shameless campaign of suicide bombings.’
    • ‘These will remember the victims and survivors of the bombings that brought an end to World War Two.’
    • ‘The recent bombings were necessary to safeguard the planes patrolling the no-fly zones.’
    • ‘There is another battle going on that is a long way from the bombings and fighting on the frontline.’
    • ‘Has that world really been rendered permanently obsolete by the terrorist bombings?’
    • ‘It is easy to dismiss terrorist bombings in far away countries as being unimportant to us.’
    • ‘And the bombings brought the whole question of the war to the front of the debate.’
    • ‘After the bombings, police raided the flat and found the bomb factory.’
    • ‘On being asked to leave he accused the shopkeeper of being a terrorist and playing a part in the bombings.’
    • ‘Tommy is also a suspect in a series of bombings in the capital and in the murder of a judge who sentenced him.’
    • ‘There have been attacks on mosques ranging from windows being broken to petrol bombings.’
    • ‘Yesterday the prime minister described the bombings as an attack on our values as a society.’
    • ‘He's always been mentioned by those who did bombings in the past as their commander.’
    demolition, knocking down, pulling down, tearing down, levelling, razing, razing to the ground, felling, dismantling, breaking up, wrecking, ruination, smashing, shattering, blasting, blowing up, dynamiting, torpedoing
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