Definition of Bombay mix in English:

Bombay mix


mass noun
  • An Indian-style spiced snack consisting of lentils, peanuts, and deep-fried strands of gram flour (sev).

    • ‘We have long baths only for the opportunity to have a meditative glass of red wine and some Bombay mix, which we keep on a plank over the bath and knock over when we try to get out.’
    • ‘While we made our choices it would have been nice to snack on some Bombay mix, but the bowl was virtually empty and no effort was made to top it up.’
    • ‘How he came to mistake potpourri for Bombay mix, he says, he'll never know but the effect on his stomach created seismic tremors.’
    • ‘We looked through the menu while enjoying drinks and dipping into the free Bombay mix.’
    • ‘I like peanuts when I'm climbing, too, sometimes with chocolate - but frozen chocolate is really unappetising, so I eat lots of Bombay mix.’


Bombay mix