Definition of bombardon in English:



  • A bass tuba.

    • ‘A brass band usually consisted of cornets, flügelhorns, saxhorns, euphoniums and bombardons but none of these are in the Walton piece.’
    • ‘Every instrument, from the cornets on top to the bombardons or basses on the bottom, used the same valve fingerings.’
    • ‘The Bagad is the Breton form of the Scottish pipe-band which includes the same base of biniou and drums, as well as a group of bombardons.’
    • ‘Their design was adopted by other instrument makers who modified them slightly and began producing the bombardon in different sizes and shapes.’
    • ‘Seven others were invoking the spirits of the ancient Roman cult of Jupiter with an assortment of instruments including bombardons, Celtic flutes and de rigueur Mellotrons’
    • ‘In fact, he did not even use one brass band: there are no cornets, saxhorns and bombardons in the score, but there is extra orchestral brass.’
    • ‘The bombardon is circular, passing over the performer's head, with the bell directed upwards.’
    • ‘In some parts of Europe, bass ophicleides and valved tubas were indiscriminately called bombardons.’


Mid 19th century: from Italian bombardone, from bombardo ‘cannon’. Compare with bombarde.