Definition of bombardment in English:



  • 1A continuous attack with bombs, shells, or other missiles:

    ‘an aerial bombardment will precede the attack’
    • ‘On the other front, Germans frequently mistook Soviet mortar barrages for aerial bombardments.’
    • ‘The countryside of Pisa had been ravaged by aerial bombardments and artillery barrages, leaving only a wilderness of roofless houses and smoking craters.’
    • ‘It was the day after a lot of attacks and bombardments and deaths had taken place.’
    • ‘The men suffered continuous shell and mortar bombardment followed by ferocious counter-attacks.’
    • ‘The men kill time collecting the small parachutes from the shells in between attacks and bombardments.’
    shelling, strafing, pounding, pelting, blitz, air raid, strafe, bombing
    barrage, strike, attack, assault, onslaught
    cannonade, fusillade
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    1. 1.1 A continuous flow of questions, criticisms, or information:
      ‘a steady bombardment of emails and phone calls’
      • ‘Today's report says the bombardment of children with messages of what is cool pits children against each other and their parents.’
      • ‘No one escaped his bombardment of phone calls, faxes and e-mails.’
      • ‘The show's overstuffed visual style seems perfectly suited to today's MTV-era of image bombardment.’
      • ‘Even grief, with all its emotional gravity, is nevertheless subject to being lost in the bombardment of consecutive experiences.’
      • ‘I strongly feel that your campaign stirs up unnecessary resentment towards a service that has received a constant bombardment of criticism.’
      • ‘Web users are getting fed up with the bombardment of irrelevant messages every time they log on.’
      • ‘But then slowly, inexorably, the great occasion descended into torpor - deliberately induced by a classic Brownite bombardment of figures, forecasts and the odd indisputable fact.’
      • ‘Some see restaurants as a last refuge, the only place left to escape bombardment by warnings about what not to eat.’
      • ‘This process involves a sort of sensory bombardment.’
      • ‘Companies can use the service too, but will that mean a bombardment of spam?’
      • ‘The mood in the American population was markedly subdued as well, outside of the pockets of pro-war zealots and despite (or perhaps because of) the media bombardment.’
      • ‘So if massive ad bombardments no longer are the way to build brands, what do these authors recommend?’
      • ‘But one thing we know is the brain craves simplicity especially in the face of today's media bombardment.’
      • ‘But consumer tolerance of marketing bombardment is wearing thin.’
      • ‘Stark warnings and a constant bombardment of information on the fragile nature of Earth's environment surround us on a weekly basis.’
      • ‘Less than a month to the elections, and ahead lies a bombardment of mind-numbing party political messages to rival the deadly effusions of a Death Star.’
      • ‘Local stories, accents, and images are drowned out by a multi-channel bombardment of glossy programming, bearing little resemblance to the Caribbean experience.’