Definition of bomb squad in English:

bomb squad


  • A division of a police force appointed to investigate the planting and detonation of terrorist bombs.

    • ‘Police said a bomb squad had removed the explosives and planned to detonate them safely.’
    • ‘The bomb squad detonated the grenade in place, which couldn't have been very good for the decor in the living room.’
    • ‘Being suspicious, the staff called Tokyo police, who found it to contain a bomb and called in a police bomb squad to defuse it.’
    • ‘He called the Burbank police, and they called the bomb squad.’
    • ‘‘The police bomb squad is still investigating this case,’ said the police spokesman.’
    • ‘Now, when that raid got under way, police called in the bomb squad.’
    • ‘He sees plenty of civilian opportunities, perhaps with a police bomb squad or in the construction industry, maybe even a pyrotechnic expert for movie studios.’
    • ‘One exploded and the other two were detonated by a bomb squad.’
    • ‘The two explosive devices were found on the third floor of the office by employees who alerted the police bomb squad, the officials said.’
    • ‘We have opened an inquiry and a decision has to be made whether we can send a bomb squad to investigate.’
    • ‘Now on Tuesday, police sent in the bomb squad and they said that inside this apartment was a harmful substance.’
    • ‘Around 80 families were evacuated early yesterday until a police bomb squad removed the containers from the sites, a Fukuoka police official said.’
    • ‘The police called in the bomb squad and the centre of Christchurch was closed down and blocked off for 6 hours.’
    • ‘Each time he plants a fake bomb, many law enforcement agents, from a bomb squad to canine units, must be deployed to investigate.’
    • ‘An exclusion zone was set up and the police and bomb squad alerted.’
    • ‘The bomb squad decided to leave the missile in the police station overnight and yesterday it was taken in an armoured car to Pilsworth Quarry where it was detonated.’
    • ‘The bomb squad arrived with sniffer dogs at around 12.05 pm, as the Fire Service cordoned off the area.’
    • ‘A bomb squad arrived, along with officers from the police's Mobile Brigade, and defused the bombs that were equipped with timers.’
    • ‘Finally breaching the wall of spectators, she could see several police officers hurrying inside the building, while the bomb squad geared up at their van.’
    • ‘The bomb squad detonated the charge, destroying the car.’