Definition of bomb site in English:

bomb site


  • An area in a town or city where the buildings have been destroyed by bombs.

    • ‘He complimented the staff because he had passed in the morning on the way from the airport and it looked like a bomb site!’
    • ‘The site remained as a bomb site for 20 years until Croydon's licensing bench approved plans to rebuild the pub in 1964.’
    • ‘One of them, the current local councillor, is quoted in the Sunday Herald article as saying: ‘It does look like a bomb site at the moment.’’
    • ‘Although the rink has now been dismantled the rest of the place looks like a bomb site.’
    • ‘A pensioner told how her garden had been left resembling a bomb site after a sewage pipe exploded.’
    • ‘Mr Smith from nearby Huntersrun Road said the area was like a bomb site.’
    • ‘Several thousand people gathered at the bomb site after the blast to express their feeling and to rally for peace.’
    • ‘An angry couple today demanded action over the garden they say is still a bomb site exactly one month after a gas blast near their home in Clifton.’
    • ‘Armored vehicles blocked off streets around the bomb site, while a helicopter buzzed overhead and six sharpshooters were positioned on rooftops.’
    • ‘The toilets look as though they belong in a bomb site area in the middle of the Second World War.’
    • ‘Councillor Flynn said: ‘The station is like a bomb site.’’
    • ‘Forensic scientists yesterday continued their painstaking search through the bomb site, gathering evidence from the charred scene.’
    • ‘My friend Jane and I grabbed a camera and went to the bomb site.’
    • ‘An angry crowd gathered around the bomb site.’
    • ‘‘It was like a bomb site, not a place of peace and tranquillity,’ said Mr Phillips.’
    • ‘You can come to work some mornings and it's like a bomb site.’
    • ‘One of the survivors carries a stone from the bomb site with his playing gear.’
    • ‘He said the land had looked like a bomb site for a long time and its redevelopment would be a ‘marvellous achievement’.’
    • ‘The key evidence was supposed to be an identity card dropped by a potential bomber in the rubble of the bomb site.’
    • ‘I say ‘eventually’ because at present it is a bomb site.’


bomb site