Definition of bomb bay in English:

bomb bay


  • A compartment in the fuselage of an aircraft in which bombs are held and from which they may be dropped.

    • ‘The aircraft received the civil registration N3680G and an executive interior was installed and the bomb bay sealed.’
    • ‘The plane was also fitted with an internal bomb bay (which is open in this photograph).’
    • ‘Because of the large bomb bay, the wing had to be mounted atop the fuselage and the two turbojets would be hung in pods under the wing.’
    • ‘He also checked the two visual fuel gauges on the left forward face of the bomb bay bulkhead behind the flight deck.’
    • ‘The aircraft did not have a bomb bay but did have a lounge with Pullman seats and refrigeration plus many other comforts.’
    • ‘The bomb was designed to be mounted across the bomb bay of a Lancaster bomber.’
    • ‘The bomb bay is in the underside of the fuselage forward of the wing.’
    • ‘The radio room is near the bomb bay and has a door that opens to a catwalk that leads to the pilot's compartment.’
    • ‘He locked on the autopilot and headed for the bomb bay.’
    • ‘The largest piece of the aircraft is the bomb bay, still painted in its undercoat pink colour, and the area just to the rear of the bay.’
    • ‘Sergeant Berends left the flight deck for the bomb bay where he began transferring fuel from the dead engines to the straining right engines.’
    • ‘The bomb bay was brought back to original as was the radio compartment and many other bits and pieces were added to the interior as they became available.’
    • ‘Grimy, sweaty, and with the weighty cargo far behind the bomb bay center of gravity, we used a lot of runway getting our Boeing cargo carrier into the air.’
    • ‘First I thought that a bomb had exploded in his bomb bay since, in a split second, the smoke was at his open doors.’
    • ‘All bomb bay doors closed immediately and the flight leader started more evasive action as we pulled off the target.’
    • ‘Kline was catapulted forward 20 feet across the disintegrating bomb bay into the bulkhead of the command deck.’
    • ‘The bomb bay is big enough that it is fitted with rotary launchers that can carry eight cruise missiles.’
    • ‘The laser fire had punched through the engine and that lit up the bombs in the mini bomb bay within each wing.’
    • ‘It was then that two crewmen climbed up inside the starboard wing and manually closed the bomb bay doors.’
    • ‘The group made two runs on the target but Duration Baby did not get the bomb bay doors open in time.’


bomb bay