Definition of boma in English:



  • (in eastern and southern Africa) an enclosure, especially for animals.

    • ‘Kampala was born prematurely in the rhino bomas at the Kruger National Park, while Thandi was born at Addo.’
    • ‘‘We are building the school 15 kilometres from Gwembe boma but we are taking time because some of the materials are stuck at the harbour,’ he said.’
    • ‘In the lowlands of Serenje district is Ibolelo High school, 10 minutes drive through a gravel road from the boma.’
    • ‘Most of the farmers stay in Nyengo, Makoma and Kaluwe all of which are over 60 km from Kalabo boma but there is no means of transport apart from the river.’
    • ‘They would then release the bull into the boma to be with his herd at night.’
    • ‘Only a few hundreds of kilometres from Lusaka off the Great East road, Luangwa has seen very little development ever since it was established as a boma.’
    • ‘The Solwezi home, located six km from the boma has a capacity for 40 children, but keeps 32 children; 17 boys and 15 girls.’
    • ‘The people of Chiboba village, some 65 km from Petauke boma complained to their MP that they would starve to death if the food did not reach them in time.’
    • ‘About 100 kilometres away from the boma, a bare-footed lad trudged his way to a ramshackle school in Luumbo village down in the Gwembe valley.’
    • ‘The first rhino, a vociferous young female named Thandukhala, was to be the first to experience the world outside the boma last night.’
    • ‘To provide protection from predators and thieves, just about everyone in Laikipia keeps their livestock at night in makeshift corrals of thorns, called bomas.’
    • ‘Gwembe boma has had no town centre market and traders were conducting their business activities in make shift stalls adjacent to the district hospital.’
    • ‘There are also various dining options available such as the traditional boma - a dining experience set in between indigenous trees.’
    • ‘The six lions will probably be released after about a month in a boma on the reserve while they grow used to their new home.’
    • ‘The bomas are constructed to look like typical Maasai homesteads.’
    • ‘Their meat is for great occasions and their dung is essential for the building of houses or bomas.’
    • ‘People were also allowed to view some of the game, which was kept in bomas on the reserve.’
    • ‘The organisation is trying to lure large birds like the Egyptian geese, flecked with oil, into a boma filled with food, in order to capture and save them.’
    • ‘There was no transport within the boma and people walked while the only bus seen there twice a week was from Kitwe via Kabompo to Chavuma.’
    • ‘Chief Chisomo said the bicycle will enable him travel to and from the boma about 90 kilometres away to fetch essential commodities.’