Definition of bolsterer in English:



  • See bolster

    • ‘With Laurie serving as bolsterer, buffer, secretary and manager, he began again the long, tortuous climb toward his rightful place in jazz.’
    • ‘Animals also appear to serve as catalysts for learning, as sources of contact comfort, as outlets for nurturance, as models of positive social behavior, and as bolsterers of staff morale.’
    • ‘About your role as chief bolsterer of government ethics, I'd like to read a quote you made earlier today that was cited in a column in the Globe and Mail.’
    • ‘Astronomy, geography, and ergonomics are the three scientific bolsterers of Chinese feng shui theory.’
    • ‘Before his role as CEO, president and sentimental bolsterer, Bill Ford had made strides from within to bring Ford to a higher level of corporate responsibility.’