Definition of bolometer in English:



  • A sensitive electrical instrument for measuring radiant energy.

    • ‘Antenna-coupled bolometers commonly achieve time responses of 100 nanoseconds, with shorter times possible depending upon the thermal isolation of the sensor element.’
    • ‘During a routine check for contamination in their bolometers, which happen to be built around crystals containing bismuth, the team noticed an unexpected alpha decay not listed in any reference tables.’
    • ‘On the thermal side are thermocouples, thermopiles, bolometers, and pneumatic detectors.’
    • ‘The radiometer measured light intensity by the number of revolutions induced over time, and the bolometer measured a decrease in electrical resistance upon absorption of radiation.’
    • ‘Stephan S. Meyer of the University of Chicago will develop a frequency - selective bolometer to study dusty galaxies in the early universe from a balloon-borne telescope over Antarctica.’


Late 19th century: from Greek bolē ‘ray of light’ + -meter.