Definition of bollito misto in English:

bollito misto


  • An Italian dish of mixed meats, such as chicken, veal, and sausage, boiled with vegetables in broth.

    • ‘Without the uglier, more flavorful bits of traditional bollito misto like veal head and pig lungs, something needs to be added.’
    • ‘Could there be a dish that is more emblematic of the Italian grand dining experience than a luxurious bollito misto served from a silver cart?’
    • ‘My husband Andrea is the happiest when I make bollito misto for the holidays - the dish that keeps on giving.’
    • ‘A relative of bollito misto, fritto misto is a collection of sweetbreads, vegetables, cheeses, chicken, and other croquettes breaded and deep-fried.’
    • ‘The variety of an always joyous and cordial cuisine manifests itself also in attractive entrees; from various bolliti misti to scaloppine.’
    • ‘A typical beef stew, bollito misto is usually made with four or more meats.’
    • ‘Our main courses were served generously from a trolley, one for bollito misto, the other for roasts.’
    • ‘A real Bolognese tradition, bollito misto consists of boiled meats and vegetables.’
    • ‘After the tempting selection of antipasti, the menu offers braised beef, pasta and beans, bolliti misti, duck with cinnamon.’
    • ‘If you are interested in bollito misto, I find Claudia Roden's book very good, or read Divina Cucina's recipe.’
    • ‘The bollito misto is an acquired taste, but some people love it.’
    • ‘His hearty bollito misto is a marvelously fatty bowl of hearty brisket, rustic Cochetino sausage and tender veal breast in a clear broth of carrots, shallots and potatoes.’
    • ‘Your bollito misto is about to arrive.’
    • ‘The best parts of bollito misto are the sauces on the side.’


Italian, literally ‘boiled mixed (meat)’.


bollito misto

/bɒˌliːtəʊ ˈmɪstəʊ/