Definition of boll weevil in English:

boll weevil


  • A small weevil which feeds on the fibres of the cotton boll and is a major pest of the American cotton crop.

    Anthonomus grandis, family Curculionidae

    • ‘Nearly 5 million small farmers in China, India, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico now grow cotton genetically modified to protect it against the boll weevil.’
    • ‘Adding to cotton growers' woes, the boll weevil migrated from Mexico to Texas in the 1890s and gradually invaded the entire cotton belt.’
    • ‘Kansas is free of boll weevils and 1,000-pound-per - acre cotton harvests can generate more income than a 200-bushel-per-acre corn crop.’
    • ‘Altogether, this year's Texas cotton production is expected to exceed 7.5 million bales, the best yield in more than 50 years, thanks to perfect weather and the eradication of the dreaded boll weevil.’
    • ‘‘Look at the boll weevil outbreaks we had this year,’ he says.’
    • ‘Today, it's not the boll weevil but the pink bollworm that threatens southwestern Pima, nesting inside the bolls, where it is hard to get.’
    • ‘Individual costumes included the stink bug, praying mantis, dragonfly, grubworm, horsefly, gypsy moth, boll weevil, yellow jacket, monarch butterfly, two mean bugs and a nice bug as well as the ever popular maggot.’
    • ‘Until he saw the eradication program in use, he could hardly believe that he would ever see the day when the boll weevil would be eliminated.’
    • ‘The decimating power of the boll weevil is examined in ‘Weevil Wars’ as well as the chemists who are developing new ways to limit its destruction.’
    • ‘If you want to know if the boll weevil is likely to attack your cotton, you'd best be looking at past, current, and potential paths of the weevil worldwide.’
    • ‘They were forced out by a sudden loss of jobs in the cotton fields which were suffering major boll weevil infestations, and enticed north with offers of industrial and factory jobs that were booming in the wake of World War I.’
    • ‘The U.S. cotton industry, facing serious economic challenges, focused on elimination of the boll weevil as one of the best ways to reduce its enormous costs.’
    • ‘Not only is it thirstier than most other commercial crops, it requires heavy applications of pesticides to keep boll weevils and other pests at bay.’
    • ‘At first, manufacturers who used the arsenic to make an insecticide for killing cotton boll weevils in the South provided the most lucrative market for Anaconda's byproducts.’
    • ‘Although many were able to withstand natural disasters such a floods and drought, the boll weevil and the variable price of cotton, there were also those that did not.’
    • ‘One of the top two or three insect pests that the United States has ever had to deal with, the boll weevil has been a major economic and environmental catastrophe, especially in the South.’
    • ‘Every portrait looked like a naked boll weevil with a fuzzy smile.’
    • ‘Two and a half decades of battles with the insidious boll weevil coupled with a creeping agricultural recession were already weighing heavily on the county's cotton farmers when distant Wall Street crashed.’
    • ‘Before the eradication program started, I was already using boll weevil traps, and I didn't have any trouble with the boll weevil at all.’
    • ‘With subsequent control of the boll weevil, cotton cultivation has increased but has not surpassed peanuts as the primary cash crop.’


boll weevil