Definition of bolivar in English:


Pronunciation /bɒˈliːvɑː//boˈliβar//ˌbɒlɪˈvɑː/


  • The basic monetary unit of Venezuela, equal to 100 centimos.

    • ‘We aren't giving resources to the private sector so they can charge millions of bolivars to the poor people who can't pay.’
    • ‘The government raised spending 60 percent in the month from November 2003 to 6.6 trillion bolivars, the central bank said.’
    • ‘High amounts of crude exports artificially boosted the bolivar making imports cheap and destroying local industry.’
    • ‘Venezuela has presented them a bill for 281 billion bolivars in back-taxes spanning three years, company officials said on Friday.’
    • ‘Venezuela owed about sixty-two million bolivars to an impatient consortium headed by Great Britain and Germany.’
    • ‘Finally, they raise an issue as to the date at which the loss, which was originally sustained in bolivars, should be converted into United States dollars for the purposes of the policy.’
    • ‘This allowed him to devalue the bolivar and successfully attack the problem of the country's internal indebtedness.’
    • ‘Venezuela's minimum wage is 247,600 bolivars.’
    • ‘Meanwhile rumours of an imminent devaluation of the bolivar has contributed to further inflation.’
    • ‘He denounced the government's decision to float Venezuela's currency, the bolivar, and to cut next year's budget.’
    • ‘Lending by Venezuela's 49 banks and financial institutions rose 9.4 percent to 24.1 trillion bolivars.’
    • ‘If you see a woman walking down the street in spike heels and a skirt so tight that it must have been poured on and left to set, you can bet your bottom bolivar that she's on her way to the office.’
    • ‘‘Our monthly costs are 10 million bolivars, but at the moment we're just surviving on love,’ she said.’
    • ‘In addition, it is claimed that Venezuela's currency, the bolivar, is overvalued by as much as 50 per cent.’
    • ‘Spending rose 62 percent in August to 4.2 trillion bolivars compared with the same month a year ago.’
    • ‘"Some of my friends are doing it too," said Villalobos, who stands for hours under the tropical sun, holding up a string of fish he sells for 1,000 bolivars.’
    • ‘He said it expects the same effect from exchange rates for the current fiscal year, mostly because of the dollar's decline against the pound and currencies such as Nigeria's naira and the Venezuelan bolivar.’
    • ‘The leading losers against the dollar were the Uruguay peso, Venezuelan bolivar, Chilean peso, Brazil real, Mexican peso, Argentine peso, and the Peruvian new sol.’


Named after Simón Bolívar (see Bolívar, Simón).