Definition of boldo in English:


nounPlural boldos

  • 1An evergreen Chilean tree from which are obtained an edible fruit, a dye, and a medicinal leaf infusion.

    Peumus boldus, family Monimiaceae

    • ‘The essential oil of boldo contains ascaridole, which is toxic to humans and should not be used, as it can cause ringing in the ears, spasms as well as coma.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A medicinal preparation of the leaves of the boldo tree, used as a tonic and digestive aid.
      • ‘The Commission reported that boldo increases gastric secretions, and has approved boldo as treatment for mild dyspepsia and spastic gastrointestinal complaints.’
      • ‘In France boldo has been employed as a tonic, and Fedeli reports favorable results.’
      • ‘In Anglo-American herbal medicine, boldo is combined with barberry and fringe tree to treat gallstones.’
      • ‘The main use of boldo leaf is as a choleretic medicine to treat dyspepsia and mild spastic complaints.’
      • ‘Boldo is used throughout Europe, South America and to a lesser extent in North America, as a remedy for gallstones and gallbladder inflammation, and for various types of liver disorders.’


Early 18th century: via American Spanish from Araucanian voldo.