Definition of boldfaced in English:



  • 1Printed in boldface type.

    • ‘Second, your contract is required to contain a number of warnings in 10-point type that is boldfaced, capitalized or underlined.’
    • ‘The boldfaced editorial tagline was ‘Future Mr. O?’’
    • ‘I've boldfaced the relevant bit.’
    • ‘A surfeit of boldfaced names, from world leaders to media personalities, lend the book a sensational thrill.’
    • ‘The compendium used boldfaced type to call attention to certain comments by him.’
  • 2Flagrant or audacious.

    ‘boldfaced lies’
    • ‘These projections are at best pure fantasy and at worst a bold faced lie.’
    • ‘This seems like a bold-faced lie designed to make his readers more righteous in their ignorance.’
    • ‘The boldfaced editorial tagline was "Future Mr. O?"’
    • ‘Due to the boldfaced audacity of all involved, his honor mandates no sentence.’
    • ‘One only has to look through Democratic Underground or Indymedia to see that's a bold faced lie.’
    • ‘This fact alone shows his claim that the tribunals can be made consistent with "our standards" to be a bold-faced lie.’
    • ‘Blithe and boldfaced, Xena: Warrior Princess's quest is to entertain despite the slings and arrows of scathing, sardonic criticism.’
    • ‘From Abraham's bold-faced reproach in Genesis 18, "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do justly?"’
    • ‘The manic dialogue is crisp and clear so you'll catch every bold-faced joke and subtle innuendo.’
    • ‘If Charmon could ever be caught in a bold faced lie, this was the time.’
    • ‘The term bold faced hypocrisy seems more suitable.’
    • ‘Darcy was taken back by such a boldfaced attack.’
    • ‘I have never seen such a blatant boldfaced turnaround of information.’
    • ‘Reader Jesse Malkin, however, caught Herbert in a bold-faced lie in his most recent column.’
    • ‘The whining was shrill and sustained — and the claim about all the nice people was nothing short of a bold-faced lie.’
    • ‘Both have raised eyebrows with their bold-faced work.’
    • ‘Jordan must have stayed up all night looking for a way out of his bold-faced lies.’
    • ‘The "miracle" in Houston was a bold faced lie.’
    • ‘Precisely because the scene is so fleeting, in an otherwise thoroughly even and respectful documentary of a group entity, it feels boldfaced.’
    • ‘That was laughable; it was such a stupid, bold-faced lie.’