Definition of boldface in English:



mass noun
  • A kind of typeface with dark, heavy strokes.

    ‘the phrase is given in boldface’
    • ‘Therefore, if you want to exchange standard document types with other users, prepare one typical document using all the necessary formatting, including headers, italics and boldface.’
    • ‘Acid residues of acid-rich regions are shown in boldface.’
    • ‘The primer sequences are labeled A - F and each sequence is in boldface.’
    • ‘Almost everything an end user will have to learn is explained step-by-step, with all commands shown in boldface.’
    • ‘In search results, search terms are now highlighted in boldface.’
    • ‘Well, here's the quote, with the part that AP quoted picked out in boldface.’
    • ‘You wouldn't think that a tech company could stay in business for a whole decade when their flagship product is a word processor that can't even do boldface.’
    • ‘Row titles in boldface indicate that significant evidence for positive selection was identified.’
    • ‘These standard color designation names such as deep yellow and dark grayish yellow are hereafter printed in boldface.’
    • ‘Either you agree with my last pick, and you've been nodding your head ever since reading ‘The Wall’ in boldface up above, or you're too old and too deaf to care.’
    • ‘The paragraph describes neither the skill nor the job - and the paragraph is in boldface!’
    • ‘If you use italics or boldface in the manuscript, they will still need to be marked up by production.’
    • ‘Special formatting techniques to distinguish nonverbal notes or speaker names, such as boldface, italics, or underlining will not transfer to the spreadsheet.’
    • ‘On the list of standup comedians whose names are synonymous with ‘X-rated’, few stand out in boldface more clearly than Chris Rock.’
    • ‘She transcribes this part of the text from my scan and adds boldface.’
    • ‘We use boldface to denote vectors.’
    • ‘The items in boldface indicate that the students were handed sets of axioms and theorems.’
    • ‘I will die without having convinced people that you can't conclude things about the savage mind by alluding to a few opaque Inuit words for snow, but at least I will not die never having written down the truth in boldface here at Language Log.’
    • ‘I quote it at length, with O'Reilly's rather selective quotation in boldface.’
    • ‘Group names, such as Biotite, are both boldface and italicized.’


  • Printed in boldface type.

    ‘boldface letters’
    • ‘Other nodes involved in recombination events are indicated by the boldface lowercase letters a - e.’
    • ‘To be as thorough as possible, we examined the textbooks on a page-by-page basis, counting as a concept all those found in headings and subheadings, boldface print, or italics, as well as concepts that were given explicit definitions.’
    • ‘The zebrafish genes are highlighted with boldface letters.’
    • ‘Here's another way to conceptualize the story - imagine a two-page scandal chart, complete with boldface names, neckless head shots, and squiggly lines indicating all the connections.’
    • ‘The location of the mutation is indicated with the uppercase A in boldface type.’
    • ‘Asterisks show nucleotides identical in the seven sequences and boldface type indicates the most common nucleotide in each position.’
    • ‘NBC's new motto claimed proudly in boldface type: ‘We speak the language.’’
    • ‘In the diagram, the relatively conserved positions are presented in boldface type.’
    • ‘Regular type indicates activation, italic type no interaction, and boldface type repression in a majority of circuits.’
    • ‘The two pairs of complementary changes between structures in B and C are in boldface type and a larger type size.’
    • ‘Concept lists were created by having two research assistants search each textbook and catalogue all concepts in a heading, subheading, boldface type, or italics, as well as those concepts given explicit definition.’
    • ‘Sequence elements deleted between Atropa and tobacco are marked in boldface letters.’
    • ‘Type I markers are shown in boldface type.’
    • ‘The latter is, moreover, typographically complex, including boldface sentences, underlinings, italics, and different typeface sizes.’
    • ‘Many choose boldface letters, or add drop-shadows or slanting or underlines or neon outlines or animation.’
    • ‘Increasingly, that reassurance - printed in boldface type - is false.’
    • ‘Well, the story is on Page 2, and right next to his photograph, in large boldface print, is the following quote: ‘I take full responsibility for this problem.’’
    • ‘The seven haplotypes are denoted with boldface letters (A - G) to the right of the tree.’
    • ‘The frequency of a given nucleotide at each position is indicated in the box at the bottom, and the most frequent (or significantly underrepresented) nucleotide is shown in boldface type.’
    • ‘Often students will use an oversized font in uppercase with boldface type.’