Definition of bolar in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A cut of beef adjacent to the blade.

    ‘roasting is better for less tender cuts such as topside or bolar’
    • ‘He prefers it to the topside roast, as the bolar retains its moisture a lot better.’
    • ‘Brown the bolar well in a dash of oil over a high heat.’
    • ‘Serve the bolar sliced with vegetables and the cider sauce.’
    • ‘I haven't tried the 'Bolar and Burgundy' recipe yet.’
    • ‘From one piece of bolar, you can cut it into slices to slow roast in the oven, cut it into smaller pieces to casserole, or mince it and make burgers.’
    • ‘I understand that the bolar is the tender part of blade roast, which comes from the shoulder blade.’
    • ‘Suitable cuts are bolar, chuck, rolled rib, rib-eye, prime rib, fillet, rump, sirloin, thick flank, topside, spare ribs, and wing rib.’
    • ‘Use one 2-kg beef bolar or rolled chuck roast.’
    • ‘I do bolar at around 175 degrees—never higher than that, otherwise it can be dry.’
    • ‘Mix together the mustard and garlic, and spread over the top of the bolar.’


1930s: origin unknown, but perhaps, because of its cylindrical shape, influenced by bole.