Definition of boisterously in English:



  • See boisterous

    • ‘The provisional government boisterously protested the students' actions and fought fiercely for the unconditional and immediate release of the hostages.’
    • ‘There may have been fewer people inside the pubs, but outside multitudes upheld Irish social habits by smoking and drinking boisterously at the hundreds of tables hastily arranged on the sidewalks.’
    • ‘Moreover, they had to put up with a crowd of schoolchildren, boisterously playing ball or skipping rope or chasing one another through the show.’
    • ‘Crammed inside the two-room house were fifteen or twenty men boisterously enjoying their Sunday afternoon, drinking and shooting craps.’
    • ‘Young boys surfed on broken refrigerator doors; children ran boisterously around abandoned sea shacks and flew kites; and families took the day off to picnic.’