Definition of boing in English:



  • Representing a reverberating sound, especially the noise made by the release of a compressed spring.

    ‘an idea struck him. Boing!’
    • ‘I'm gonna be right behind you, shooting out the glass and then - boing… through it we go, okay?’
    • ‘That said, the sound is embellished time and again with steel pan percussion and various bits of machinery that go boing.’
    • ‘It sounds like this: ‘Boing boing boing - boiiiiing boing boingg…‘’
    • ‘A video feed of the rabbits’ secluded, hand-built habitat can be quite dull until suddenly a brown blur hops into the air - boing!’


  • A reverberating sound.

    ‘there was a loud boing’
    • ‘Meanwhile the sound effects are very well done, with the expected boings and whaps.’
    • ‘When I crank up the volume for music, the last thing I want to hear is a loud boing telling me I have new email.’
    • ‘It is the maxim which amid crashes and boings, jaunty jingles and fusillades of machine gun bullets has powered two philosophy graduates from the University of York to a fortune.’
    • ‘Maybe it's the presence of the cameras, but where their smalltown guitar tales with quirky keyboard boings usually sound pastoral and reflective on record, tonight they crank everything up to eleven.’
    • ‘The guys' clever boings and beeps tend to be cute.’
    • ‘Despite their pastoral name, the sound is confident and expansive, tight as a drum and overlaid with a variety of keyboard boings.’
    reverberation, ringing, ring, ding-dong, bong, peal, chime, toll
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[no object]
  • Make a reverberating sound.

    ‘this music boings and burbles’
    • ‘A fourth is revealed to be playing a very silly videogame replete with boinging sound effects.’
    reverberate, resound, ring, bong, peal, chime, toll
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1950s: imitative.