Definition of boilie in English:



  • A type of flavoured fishing bait, spherical in shape with a hard outer layer, used chiefly to catch carp.

    • ‘Unlike boilies these are not a hard bait but, being round, they can be fired out to a fair range by carefully using a catapult.’
    • ‘A few carp are being caught on boilies at Sandhall and Mill Beck.’
    • ‘To treat river carp as stillwater carp as far as boilies are concerned is probably a mistake.’
    • ‘They tell me the best baits are pellets and boilies but some fish are being caught on luncheon meat.’
    • ‘Pellets, boilies and meat baits are the successful ones.’
    • ‘A good sprinkling of boilies round each bait would ensure the carp get their heads down..’
    • ‘Well, I hooked three fish on maize, and the two runs with which I failed to connect were on the pop-up boilies.’
    • ‘Many anglers use pellets, boilies, gentles, casters and various flavoured paste baits, but for me it's bread.’
    • ‘I caught most of my bream on legered trout pellet paste or boilies.’
    • ‘These boilies are fairly cheap and I reckon 10 kg is ample per person for a week.’
    • ‘If tench and carp are our quarry then the best bait is boilies and there are many to choose from.’
    • ‘I have also gone to a lot of trouble to show you how freely carp will take floating boilies off of the surface.’
    • ‘I use a wide range of baits for Thames carp but in Summer I mainly rely on boilies.’
    • ‘Plenty were being caught on milk protein boilies.’
    • ‘This is usually a mixture of groundbait, broken boilies and seeds and beans.’
    • ‘The hair rig was used by tunny anglers, the boilie by American carp anglers.’
    • ‘No doubt cheese, pastes and boilies all work well.’
    • ‘He is also fishing well for tench and bream using similar tactics, with carp being caught on boilies.’
    • ‘Having said this, I have recently lowered the flavour levels in both my pastes and boilies to great effect.’
    • ‘The flavoured pellets manufactured by all of the major bait companies are an excellent alternative to feeding boilies.’