Definition of boiler in English:



  • 1A fuel-burning apparatus or container for heating water.

    1. 1.1 A household device providing a hot-water supply or serving a central heating system.
      • ‘Once fired up, a boiler and radiator central heating system can heat an average room a great deal faster than an equivalent underfloor heating system.’
      • ‘And a year after the builders left, the school is still struggling without heating, boilers and hot water in some classrooms and the kitchen.’
      • ‘The boiler, washing machine and dryer are hidden beneath the stairs.’
      • ‘Have your boiler and central-heating system checked over once a year by a qualified engineer.’
      • ‘No separate storage tank is needed in the tankless coil water heater because water is heated directly inside the boiler in a hot water heating system.’
      • ‘Problems include stolen deposits, faulty boilers and central heating, excessive charges for cleaning, harassment and illegal evictions.’
      • ‘As part of last year's work the boiler and central heating system was upgraded with the bedrooms and function suites undergoing redecoration.’
      • ‘A single burner, inside the boiler, supplies heat for one or more space heating zones and a domestic water heating zone.’
      • ‘This sudden demand for water must have somewhat overloaded the boiler as the hot water ran out almost immediately.’
      • ‘At work I use the same two fingers to activate the hot water on the boiler.’
      • ‘You can buy it in a kit, but you will need a plumber to help you connect the system to the boiler.’
      • ‘In the cellar were the central heating boilers and an emergency electricity generator.’
      • ‘Each of the boilers has a monitoring system that regulates the fuel-to-air ratios during the burn.’
      • ‘In hot-water heaters and boilers, the sticky scales have poor heat conductivity and so transfer heat poorly.’
      • ‘The rules apply to all gas appliances, including central heating boilers, water heaters, fires and cookers.’
      • ‘Ensure boilers, heating systems and appliances are in good working order.’
      • ‘The main stumbling block is the cost of installing the gigantic network of pipes needed to carry hot water from the central boiler to hundreds of homes.’
      • ‘The pump is fed from an arm of the Bridgewater Canal and the fish had swum 50 yards up the pipe and been drawn into the powerful centrifugal pump which supplies the boilers.’
      • ‘Combination boilers provide instant central heating and hot water, but are best suited to properties with one bathroom.’
      • ‘Wood combination heaters can be either hot-air furnaces or hot-water boilers.’
      • ‘Throughout Europe businesses, households and governments use wood pellets and wood chips as fuel for their hot water boilers.’
    2. 1.2 A tank for generating steam under pressure in a steam engine.
      • ‘This reflects the best a locomotive can do based on the quality and quantity of steam delivered from the boiler.’
      • ‘The steam was generated in a separate boiler and brought into the sphere along a hollow spindle.’
      • ‘Stop the heat getting out of their steam engine boilers - and the cold getting in - by wrapping them in asbestos blankets.’
      • ‘Paul stationed himself in the bedroom window, and I was in the garden and the boiler had reached working pressure so I flipped the piston to start it.’
      • ‘Apart from being used for the early railway line, it was also used for building material, for domestic fires and most of all to fuel the boilers for the steam engine, dryer and kettles of the plaster factory.’
      • ‘This meant that the boiler generated more power, so the Rocket was able to go faster than its rival, and thus secure its place in history.’
      • ‘It had five indistinguishable letters where the ship's name should be, and the two-cylinder compound steam engine and single boiler correspond to the machinery fitted to the Clyde.’
      • ‘I could recognize the changes being made to the boilers and steam lines where they were intending to install secondary piston chambers.’
      • ‘Coal is readily and cheaply available in the region, and coal-fired boilers generate 97 percent of their power output.’
      • ‘Steam is conventionally produced in small boilers operating at pressures as low as 15 psi.’
      • ‘The Lord Stewart is listed as having two boilers and a three-cylinder steam engine.’
      • ‘But the principle of generating steam in a boiler under pressure and using it to push pistons back and forth in two or more double-acting cylinders, is just the same.’
      • ‘In contrast, steam turbines use steam generated in an external boiler to rotate the fans.’
      • ‘The chimney was used to emit steam from the factory boilers and is believed to have stood in place since the 1950s.’
      • ‘Between the boilers and the fuel tanks on either side are steel canyons wide enough to swim through.’
      • ‘The product can be used as fuel in boilers, diesel engines or gas turbines, or as a source of chemicals for the production of pesticides, adhesives and other products.’
      • ‘In the 1850s and 1860s Glasgow engine builders set to work to solve the problem of steam at sea, the fact that marine boilers could only produce steam from sea water at low pressures.’
      • ‘This building houses the boilers, chillers, tanks, and distribution equipment.’
      • ‘Steam turbines use steam raised in a boiler as the gas that turns the blades.’
      • ‘Repairs by welding to boilers and pressure vessels require special attention.’
    3. 1.3dated A metal tub for washing or sterilizing clothes at a very high temperature.
      • ‘I rather thought sacrificing virgins to their gods had gone out with the clothes boiler, but sometimes I wasn't too sure.’
      • ‘Our vacuum ironing tables, ironing boards, steam boilers and clothes presses can be used for commercial dry cleaning and clothes pressing.’
  • 2British informal A chicken suitable for cooking only by boiling.

    • ‘Consider the conditions which prevail on factory farms - for example, in intensive boiler chicken sheds.’
    • ‘He has crossbred a small, bare-skinned bird with a regular boiler chicken as part of a research project to develop succulent, low fat poultry that is environmentally friendly.’
    • ‘The result is a somewhat funny-looking, normal sized boiler chicken that carries the special naked gene.’
    • ‘The fundamentally unhygienic conditions of intensive boiler chicken production have been described many times.’
    • ‘Cahaner produced his chicken by cross-breeding a boiler chicken with another breed that has a naturally bare neck.’
  • 3British informal An unattractive or unpleasant woman.