Definition of boiled sweet in English:

boiled sweet


  • A hard sweet made of boiled sugar.

    • ‘There will be 100 to 150 people, mainly made up of friends and family and a few obligatory old ladies sucking on boiled sweets.’
    • ‘Designing large boiled sweets clearly isn't as profitable as it once was.’
    • ‘I don't know exactly what it means but it makes me think of the time I almost choked on a boiled sweet.’
    • ‘The large, fêted, grey free-enterprise food market sells lumps of pig fat from Poland, boiled sweets from China, and plastic bags advertising Scotch whisky.’
    • ‘I'm off for pickled Danish Cookies in Saurkraut sauce topped off with blood sausage and boiled sweets.’
    • ‘At first I was only conscious of the tapping of sticks and a faint smell of boiled sweets.’
    • ‘There were a few large jars of boiled sweets in the window, chocolate limes and everton mints.’
    • ‘Mrs Wheater's mother bought it as a small sweet shop which the family built up into a specialist business with chocolates and boiled sweets as well as attractions for children.’
    • ‘It was at that moment I realised I still had a boiled sweet in my mouth that my friend Craig had given me two minutes previous.’
    • ‘I also have three boiled sweets to take to work with me.’
    • ‘John at work brought home a bag of boiled sweets from Portugal.’
    • ‘His name was Piotr, and he smelled of garlic, had hairy hands, and gave out nasty boiled sweets at the end of each lesson.’
    • ‘Our haul was one tube of Smarties, a snack-sized KitKat, a lollipop, and three boiled sweets for him; and a restraining order for me.’
    • ‘The researchers found that the patches didn't affect people's cravings for boiled sweets, savoury snacks or alcohol.’
    • ‘As most of the gold was traded for food such as flour, salt, sugar, boiled sweets, tobacco and cans of luxuries, like sardines, it is difficult to work out a total figure for the gold found on this field, as it was for others.’
    • ‘The striker once claimed the only thing he ever received from a referee was a boiled sweet.’
    • ‘At such merry exuberance, I can't help but give these youngsters a merry twinkle of my eye, and sometimes a caramel-flavoured boiled sweet.’
    • ‘Following recent takeovers, it has now extended its range to include wine gums, fruit pastilles, jelly beans and traditional boiled sweets, toffees and fudge.’
    • ‘Cutting my tongue on this counterfeit boiled sweet reminds me that I'd better check how Mr Bloomer is getting on with our very important work.’
    • ‘They were gruff but maternal, and plied me with boiled sweets.’


boiled sweet