Definition of boil something down in English:

boil something down

phrasal verb

  • Reduce the volume of a liquid by boiling.

    ‘they boil down the syrup until it is very thick’
    • ‘Meanwhile the cooking liquor would be boiled down to make a thickened gravy.’
    • ‘After the oil is boiled down, it is sealed into casks, and put into storage.’
    • ‘When we decided to become a bit more professional about sugarmaking, we began by looking for a small stainless steel pan, or ‘evaporator,’ which holds the sap while it is boiled down to syrup.’
    • ‘Skim the fat from pan juices, and reduce the drippings by boiling them down to a delicious sauce.’
    • ‘The amount of red wine the recipe called for seemed rather too small to me, so I used more wine - about three times as much - by boiling it down to the same volume as indicated in the recipe.’
    • ‘If the liquid is too thin for a gravy, just put it in a pan on the stovetop and boil it down to reduce to a nice consistency.’
    • ‘Dissolve the sugar in a little water over a high heat and boil the resulting syrup down to the softball stage.’
    • ‘After the tomatoes are boiled down, simmer at lowest heat setting for 90 minutes to two hours.’
    • ‘The company, like other ‘renderers,’ takes what is left of the cow after it is slaughtered and boils it down into tallow, used for candles, lubricants and soaps, and bone meal used in fertilizer and animal feed.’’
    • ‘By the time the chicken was done, the accompanying vegetables had been boiled down into a soggy mush.’
    condense, concentrate, reduce, distil, thicken, compress
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