Definition of boil over in English:

boil over

phrasal verb

  • 1(of a liquid) flow over the sides of the container in boiling.

    ‘the milk's boiled over’
    • ‘Homogenized milk froths and boils over, and also curdles more readily.’
    • ‘Put the lid on for this but leave a little gap because, with the presence of the milk, it could boil over.’
    • ‘All the bulk of the liquid will eventually reach boiling point and the soup will boil and boil over.’
    • ‘Do not allow mixture to boil or to boil over the side of the pan.’
    • ‘The liquid boiled over, and the tank was at once enveloped in flames.’
    • ‘What I won't do again is the coconut rice, which boiled over on the hob.’
    • ‘One day someone forgot to turn off the steam - the thick porridge-like liquid soap boiled over and oozed over the factory floor before anyone realised.’
    • ‘One has to let the milk boil over, to signify plenty, a successful harvest.’
    • ‘As I head back in I hear the unmistakable sound of the milk boiling over.’
    • ‘This means something that can take a lot of heat, go into the microwave, and still have high sides so the whole thing doesn't boil over.’
    1. 1.1 (of a situation or strong emotion) reach a state of such intensity that it can no longer be controlled or contained.
      ‘one woman's anger boiled over’
      • ‘At times, this game reached boiling point but thankfully never boiled over and at the end of the sixty or so minutes, a draw was the fairest result.’
      • ‘This frustration and anger boiled over that year, one famous for strikes.’
      • ‘The game then exploded as tempers boiled over.’
      • ‘Well, tempers boiled over on Saturday, as the city erupted in riots.’
      • ‘I've always had a stubborn streak, but I've never let my emotions boil over like that before.’
      • ‘Emotions boiled over inside me, and I burst out crying.’
      • ‘At this point the two teams intense rivalry boiled over.’
      • ‘Four players from each side were booked in a match which threatened to boil over on more than one occasion.’
      • ‘That anger may boil over sooner than is thought.’
      • ‘It was too much for her to take and her anger boiled over.’