Definition of bogland in English:



mass noun
  • Marshy land.

    • ‘‘Long ago, 70 per cent of Ireland was covered by bogland,’ Andy stresses.’
    • ‘The road is flanked by bogland - rural Ireland at its barren best.’
    • ‘A major engineering feat of the construction of the road will be the building of the super highway through the miles of bogland, which it is understood will be undertaken without removing the peat.’
    • ‘Exclude areas under buildings, farmyard, roads, paths, woods, ponds, expanses of bare rock or bogland that is not grazed.’
    • ‘He also stressed that although the area contains some bogland, it also boasts excellent farmland.’
    • ‘The next day, to save the cyclists backtracking 22 km and then facing 80 km across featureless bogland to our destination, Achill Island, Josephine arranged for her fishing boat to ferry us to the island.’
    • ‘The whole of County Wicklow is a walkers' paradise - rolling hills, deep valleys, domed granite mountains, bogland, forest, farmland, stream, lake sides, river banks, and long sandy beaches.’
    • ‘If this pipeline was constructed and the court subsequently held it should be removed, that could not be done without irreparable damage to reclaimed peat bogland.’
    • ‘It was very long - 120 miles - and much of it over narrow, poorly surfaced roads through bleak and exposed bogland.’
    • ‘He complimented the local community who through their efforts had almost eliminated illegal dumping in woodlands, bogland and roadside.’
    • ‘No new bogland will be harvested beyond that for which an EPA licence already exists.’
    • ‘An excavation was carried out of around one-third of an acre of bogland at Bragan.’
    • ‘The searches were conducted over a number of days and covered an extensive tract of bogland and some wooded areas in the region.’
    • ‘It was necessary to understand how these men had turned bogland into productive green pasture.’
    • ‘The water has to travel through bogland and depending on the flow the brown colour could vary.’
    • ‘Out of necessity, we might all become peat bog soldiers once again, he warned, though he forgot that large amounts of bogland have been planted in the last 20 years.’
    • ‘As well as detailing the destruction of environment and warning of problems to come, there is also evidence of widespread misuse of forestry grants resulting in extensive damage to bogland.’
    • ‘In a submission to the council, Catherine McMullin of An Taisce said the development would take place on bogland and suggested that disturbances during construction could lead to landslides.’
    • ‘Large sections of bogland and debris tumbled down Dooncarton mountain in September 2003 after more than 80 mm of rain fell in less than two hours and overwhelmed drainage systems.’
    • ‘The first leads inland across the high bogland, a pure, uncluttered landscape.’
    marsh, marshland, salt marsh, fenland, wetland, bog, peat bog, swamp, swampland
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