Definition of bogging in English:



Scottish, Northern Irish
  • Filthy or disgusting.

    ‘the last of her coffee tasted bogging’
    ‘your feet are boggin', by the way’
    • ‘I was wearing a bogging-looking black hoody.’
    • ‘The goat's cheese, according to my notes, is bogging.’
    • ‘My weans thought it looked pure dead boggin'.’
    • ‘That was the most boggin strip ever.’
    • ‘She spread some laughter by describing the residents in the affected area as 'pure boggin' and 'hummin'' due to the lack of clean water.’
    • ‘We thought we should pull our fingers out and actually do some housework as it is looking a bit bogging around the place now.’
    • ‘He has the flat as boggin as he is with fish and chips wrappers and cartons everywhere.’
    • ‘The houses were in a picturesque village, and the first one was absolutely bogging.’
    • ‘I'm curious about the chocolate spare ribs—they sound boggin' but will no doubt be delicious.’
    • ‘Down at the flats, it's really boggin.’