Definition of bogbean in English:



  • A plant of bogs and shallow water which has creeping rhizomes, three-lobed leaves, and hairy white or pinkish flowers.

    Menyanthes trifoliata, family Menyanthaceae

    Also called buckbean
    • ‘In spring and summer, early and southern marsh orchids vie with marsh peas and bogbeans for the flower lover's attention.’
    • ‘Pharmacological and chemical studies of the bogbean have been carried out at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Division of Pharmacognosy of Uppsala University.’
    • ‘The bogbean is a northern marsh herb occurring in North America as far south as Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and California.’
    • ‘In the lochans, there are species of rush, spearwort, water lobelia, and bogbeans.’
    • ‘A 1602 visitor to New England, where they were also called bogbeans, said they were ‘as big as eggs, as good as Potatoes, and 40 on a string, not two inches under ground.’’
    • ‘In the Yorkshire Dales National Park places where bogbean can be seen include the Malham Tarn National Nature Reserve.’