Definition of Bogan shower in English:

Bogan shower


  • A dust storm.

    ‘we come from saltbush country, where Bogan showers count as rainfall’
    • ‘With the Bogan shower, that is mostly dust.’
    • ‘They mostly bring a Bogan shower—three raindrops and some dust.’
    • ‘They need the whole journey to explain the threat of rain described as a Bogan shower, meaning a derisory light shower characterized by a puff of dust and three drops of rain.’
    • ‘The river and the district around it have provided a number of terms in Australian English, including Bogan shower.’
    • ‘They had a hard time—in fact, the Australians used to call a dust storm a Bogan shower.’
    • ‘Looking back up into the sky, he saw the Bogan shower evaporate before it even had a chance for three drops of rain.’
    • ‘It spawned a number of satirical terms such as Bogan shower, which means about five minutes of rain, hardly enough to settle the dust.’
    • ‘Bogan appears in the phrase Bogan shower, which, with typical outback irony, is a dust storm.’
    • ‘Well, he does come from Swan Hill, where they have Bogan showers—three raindrops and some dust!’
    • ‘In NSW, Bogan originally referred to the Bogan River—hence the Bogan showers in Patterson's poem.’


Early 20th century: named after the Bogan river in New South Wales and the semi-arid environment around it.