Definition of bog rosemary in English:

bog rosemary


  • A pink-flowered evergreen dwarf shrub, which grows in boggy soils in north temperate regions.

    Genus Andromeda, family Ericaceae: two species, in particular the common A. polifolia

    Also called andromeda
    • ‘Living among the moss are specialist bog plants such as the insect-eating sundews, cotton grasses and bog rosemary.’
    • ‘Plants such as bog rosemary are found nowhere else in Britain.’
    • ‘This habitat is characterized by bog rosemary, bog laurel, and Leatherleaf on a base of peat moss.’
    • ‘Extensive ditching and drainage installed around the parks' borders has slowly dried this former wetland, leading to the disappearance of three relatively rare plant species - bog rosemary, cloudberry and velvet-leaf blueberry.’
    • ‘I thought the Summer heat and warm soil would be the reason I should avoid bog rosemary.’
    • ‘Stop a moment and notice the bog rosemary, sheep laurel, pale laurel, cranberry, and blueberry.’
    • ‘Do not eat bog rosemary, it is very poisonous!’