Definition of bog roll in English:

bog roll


  • A roll of toilet paper.

    ‘a jumbo pack of bog rolls’
    mass noun ‘my flat is so expensive I can't afford bog roll’
    • ‘Apart from the unfortunate incident in the Chinese restaurant, when the bog roll got jammed in the loo and banjaxed the whole system, a great time was had by all.’
    • ‘It is distressing to reach for the bog roll to find that you have forgotten it.’
    • ‘Even after trying to remember everything, I forgot the bog rolls and kitchen paper!’
    • ‘We got four of everything, including enough bog roll to last until armageddon.’
    • ‘You can get bog roll in an infinite variety of colours and patterns.’
    • ‘Rodger's wife disappears in disgust clutching a whole bog roll to her mouth.’
    • ‘We are scrapping over the trolley about whether to get white or pink bog roll.’
    • ‘He bursts in through the back door, helps himself to whatever's in the fridge, and jams your toilet up with bog roll.’
    • ‘In previous years the towels and linen were changed twice a week, the bog rolls were put in the apartments, and the pool was kept clean enough to see what was going on.’
    • ‘I was about to enter a cubicle when the cleaning lady asked me would I mind if she put up new bog rolls first.’