Definition of bog myrtle in English:

bog myrtle


  • A deciduous shrub of boggy places, with short upright catkins and aromatic grey-green leaves with insecticidal properties.

    Myrica gale, family Myricaceae

    Also called sweet gale
    • ‘Ninety-five per cent of its grain is Irish-grown; bog myrtle is picked on the mountain at the back of the brewery, and carrigeen moss is collected on the seashore ten miles away.’
    • ‘The sweet herbal aroma of bog myrtle drifts from the shallow mires that harbour a tangle of willows and silver-barked birch or are spattered yellow with asphodels and wine-red with insect-eating sundew leaves.’
    • ‘But if you don't fancy the cream, other remedies which have been suggested include smearing yourself in Marmite, wearing light - coloured clothing and placing sprigs of bog myrtle behind your ears.’
    • ‘The air was heavy with the aromatic scent of bog myrtle.’
    • ‘She developed a repellent based on the oil of the bog myrtle plant, which is said to be relatively successful.’
    • ‘I remember a time when a company asked me to trial their new and all-natural insect repellent made from essence of bog myrtle.’
    • ‘Return to the Southern Upland Way, and follow marker posts down through bracken and bog myrtle to a stile.’
    • ‘Recently, attention has focused on oil distilled from the leaves of bog myrtle.’