Definition of bog garden in English:

bog garden


  • A piece of land laid out and irrigated to grow plants which prefer a damp habitat.

    • ‘The bottom of the garden has been looking literally like a bombsite for some time, while we have been moving the patio and excavating a hole for the bog garden.’
    • ‘Whether this is a result of the natural contours of the land or changes due to various development activities, these areas lend themselves to the creation of a bog garden or mini wetland.’
    • ‘There are two rock gardens, limestone and sandstone, a scented garden, a stream garden, a woodland garden, a bog garden and a dry garden.’
    • ‘It is long lived but requires a damp position - ideal for a bog garden, otherwise it will need regular and copious watering during even a short lived dry spell.’
    • ‘These last are growing in our bog garden and, despite having been split and divided for the past two years, look set to reach cabbage proportions this year.’
    • ‘The proceeds from the walk will go towards developing a bog garden in the school grounds.’
    • ‘Training continues on Tuesdays and Sunday mornings in the bog garden at the usual times.’
    • ‘One way of dealing with damp areas in the garden is to plant a bog garden with plants such as arum lilies, tree ferns and sedge grasses.’
    • ‘During this period, Corona planted a new arboretum and created the bog garden and a walk was completed from the lodge to the house.’
    • ‘Despite the dry weather, plants in the bog garden have been growing strongly.’
    • ‘In spring, the stars of the Secret Garden are camellias, magnolias and the lushest of bog gardens crammed with skunk lilies and gunnera.’
    • ‘They are referring to the Siberian Irises, which are planted in long drifts above the bog garden path.’
    • ‘This lawn really needs digging up and levelling out, with the addition of some drainage pipes that can feed into the bog garden.’
    • ‘The whole story began about 18 months ago when we decided to terrace our large, sloping back garden into two separate levels, the lower level consisting of patio, bog garden and a rectangular lawn.’
    • ‘Well, the pond has been cleared out, filled with soil and now awaits planting as a bog garden.’
    • ‘The bog garden is planted with drifts of skunk cabbage, iris and astilbes.’
    • ‘Set in the former 18th century regency park of Middleton Hall, the garden features a range of landscapes, including woodland, a bog garden and a historic double walled garden.’
    • ‘Over the last two months everybody at the school has been busy with the planting of a bog garden, a vegetable plot and a Spring Clean of the grounds.’
    • ‘Queree has a master touch with garden ornaments, stone pots, ancient implements and even a boat, half hidden in the ‘shallows’ of the bog garden.’
    • ‘Two of the three candelabra primulas, which I split from one plant last year, are ready for splitting again and some thuggish plants in the bog garden need thinning or taking out completely.’