Definition of bog asphodel in English:

bog asphodel


  • A yellow-flowered European marsh plant of the lily family.

    Narthecium ossifragum, family Liliaceae

    • ‘This area tends to be wet underfoot, and the path can be rather boggy, and the change is reflected in the vegetation as cross-leaved heath proliferates, with hundreds of spikes of bog asphodel peppering it.’
    • ‘This oasis of marshland is the home of many interesting plants, including pink and pale purple garlic, bog asphodels, irises, reeds and waterlilies.’
    • ‘In the wet pools grow bog bean, marsh lousewort and bog asphodel.’
    • ‘If more people could experience the beauty of a Pine Barrens gentian or bog asphodel in bloom, there would be a lot more support for these disappearing species.’
    • ‘Mountain blanket bog also contains many of the species found in raised and Atlantic blanket bog types such as cross-leaved heath, ling heather, bog asphodel, bog cotton and deer sedge.’