Definition of bog arum in English:

bog arum


  • A plant of the arum family, with heart-shaped leaves, a white spathe, and a green spadix. It grows in swamps and boggy ground in north temperate regions.

    Calla palustris, family Araceae

    Also called calla or water calla
    • ‘The skunk cabbage I am talking about is Lysichiton americanus, and is also called swamp lantern, and bog arum.’
    • ‘Bog arum is a plant that you can put in the areas around your water garden.’
    • ‘The Bog Arum can be grown in a bog garden or in water that will not cover more than 2 inches of the plant's crown.’
    • ‘Where else can you get your picture taken with Juvan's houseleek and the endemic bog arum?’
    • ‘It contains many triflorum rhododendrons as well as a boggy pool with royal ferns and bog arums.’