Definition of boeuf bourguignon in English:

boeuf bourguignon


mass noun
  • A dish consisting of beef braised or stewed in a red wine sauce, to which mushrooms and onions are typically added.

    • ‘Every region in France has its own version of beef stewed in red wine, the most famous being Burgundy's boeuf bourguignon, and the Aude is no exception.’
    • ‘When I left university, vaguely aware that things were moving on, I found Elizabeth David and tried to make boeuf bourguignon and daubes without success.’
    • ‘He had the boeuf bourguignon with melt-in-your-mouth beef, a deeply rich sauce and still slightly firm mushrooms.’
    • ‘She reckoned boeuf bourguignon was ‘the stew of stews‘.’
    • ‘Last spring's themes included a Japanese tasting menu featuring salmon with yuzu (a citrus) and a French menu with boeuf bourguignon.’
    • ‘Central France is famous for boeuf bourguignon, beef in red wine sauce.’
    • ‘He doesn't cook, but we try his boeuf bourguignon.’
    • ‘You could get a lot of boeuf bourguignon for that.’
    • ‘Their waiters promise not to snicker when you order fries with your boeuf bourguignon.’
    • ‘This is patently unfair, given our world-class produce, and even more so since we immediately associate French cooking with classics such as boeuf bourguignon or moules marinières.’
    • ‘The soft potato topping made it like the best of shepherd's pie and boeuf bourguignon put together.’
    • ‘Mother chose boeuf bourguignon for her main course, which was full of flavour, despite the meat being a tad overcooked.’
    • ‘The beef stew was as densely packed with rich flavour as the best boeuf bourguignon, though this dark brown gravy was considerably different.’
    • ‘Try whipping together a boeuf bourguignon.’


French, literally ‘Burgundy beef’.


boeuf bourguignon

/ˌbəːf ˈbɔːɡɪnjɒ̃/