Definition of bodywork in English:



mass noun
  • 1The metal outer shell of a vehicle.

    • ‘There are slivers of bodywork if you can call it that.’
    • ‘The slanted eyes of the headlight give the car an unmistakable look, adding to the muscular-looking bodywork, and remind me of a streamlined Japanese Sumo wrestler.’
    • ‘The side doors are made from recycled aluminum, the structure itself is a mixture of aluminum and recycled steel, and the hood, wings and rear bodywork are in polypropylene.’
    • ‘Wiesmann then does its thing with lots of leather and shiny bits for the cockpit and polishes it off with the extraordinary looking bodywork.’
    • ‘Vandals slashed tyres, scratched bodywork and pulled off windscreen wipers.’
    • ‘Obscene words were scratched into the bodywork of the vehicles and other damage was caused over the bank holiday weekend.’
    • ‘Essentially, this consisted of an oil and filter change as well as a general examination of the exterior bodywork, foot and parking brake, all drive belts, windscreen washer and wheel alignment.’
    • ‘The styling and sleek lines offered these days are a million miles away from the aggressive ‘come on then, if you want a fight’ models with their bull bars and in-your-face bodywork.’
    • ‘It retains the brushed metal bodywork synonymous with the Ixus range, and this gives it a sturdy feel despite its proportions.’
    • ‘Rear bodywork is different too because the engine's vee drops the plenum down lower and a smaller hump can cover it, and the tail end is different where the exhausts exit.’
    • ‘This Ferrari is constructed with extensive use of aluminum in the chassis, suspension, bodywork and engine.’
    • ‘He worked from October to December on the preliminary bodywork and chassis design.’
    • ‘For instance the front bodywork of the Renegade model has been completely restyled to differentiate it from the Limited.’
    • ‘Dazzled by clustered headlamps and shiny bodywork, they are unable to see how their beloved cars have disfigured Britain.’
    • ‘Several vehicles have had their windscreens broken and bodywork dented.’
    • ‘The three main reasons for failing the test in 2004 were bodywork, headlight alignment and registration plates.’
    • ‘The new bodywork is made from carbon fibre, so it's a bit lighter than the SL55.’
    • ‘Overnight, the car was sent to a local Daytona body shop where the frame was straightened and bodywork repaired on the right rear quarter-panel of the classic German sports car.’
    • ‘All Defender models are available in chassis cab form for bodywork conversions.’
    • ‘Each vehicle is fully deformable, with impacts on individual parts of the chassis giving rise to lost doors, dented bodywork and smashed windscreens.’
    framework, structure, substructure, skeleton, chassis, shell, casing, body
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  • 2Therapies and techniques in complementary medicine which involve touching or manipulating the body.

    • ‘I brought this new philosophy back to the US, and continued my own healing practice of acupuncture, adding in herbs, homeopathy, bodywork and other modalities over time.’
    • ‘Choosing the Massage Training Institute, a leading organization teaching an holistic approach to bodywork, I began training for my diploma.’
    • ‘So our sessions devolved from bodywork to this bizarre form of primal therapy.’
    • ‘The facility is equipped with 24 treatment rooms for massages, therapeutic bodywork, facials, conditioning body scrubs and cocoons.’
    • ‘There is a discussion of alternative medical approaches such as bodywork, massage and nutritional supports.’
    • ‘For those practising massage, bodywork and manipulative therapies, these somatic dysfunctions are vital to the assessment of musculoskeletal integrity.’
    • ‘It is frequently a result of some transient mechanical imbalance and, therefore, can be improved with bodywork and manual manipulation techniques.’
    • ‘A new health bodywork technique is soon to be demonstrated in Kiltimagh.’
    • ‘It is at the same time important to note that if clients do not have unresolved traumatic stresses, then the likelihood of their being retraumatized by bodywork is all the less.’
    • ‘For example, take a long walk or swim in the morning and then schedule a massage or some other kind of soothing bodywork in the afternoon.’
    • ‘Tuina is not especially useful for those seeking a mild, sedating and relaxing massage since it tends to be more task focused than other types of bodywork.’
    • ‘Often referred to as Thai Yoga massage, this style of bodywork is different from what most western people think of as massage.’
    • ‘Based in a specially designed kiosk on the airport's first floor adjacent to the information desk, the station offers shiatsu massage - a form of bodywork involving the client's acupressure points.’
    • ‘Mario-Paul is well established as a practitioner and teacher in osteopathy, bodywork, clinical massage and sports therapy.’
    • ‘Techniques are at the heart of any system of bodywork.’
    • ‘Specific adult traumas are easily removed with the Netherton method combined with bodywork and Reichian techniques.’
    • ‘In bodywork, for example, the more detailed our understanding of the structures and processes occurring under our hands, the more precise we can be with what we are doing.’
    • ‘She has a diploma in Nutritional Medicine and has attended workshops in reflexology, homeopathy, bodywork and aromatherapy.’
    • ‘The most popular courses are those focusing on body awareness and bodywork, and numerous new techniques have been developed at Esalen before being introduced to the rest of the world.’
    main part, principal part, central part, core, heart, hub, nub, kernel
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