Definition of bodysurf in English:



[no object]often as noun bodysurfing
  • Float on the crest of incoming waves without using a board.

    ‘at the age of 65, he now prefers snorkelling and bodysurfing’
    • ‘Having been through the rinse cycles a few times I can say I've taken great joy by returning to bodysurfing, bodyboarding when conditions called for it, and most recently riding a mat.’
    • ‘When you are warned that the waters of the ocean are dangerous, you don't tempt fate and go bodysurfing.’
    • ‘Very few people in the United Kingdom bodysurf - even fewer use handboards.’
    • ‘Born and raised a point wave surfer, Zuma was always a place for bodysurfing for me.’
    • ‘Use caution while bodysurfing, always extending a hand ahead of you.’
    • ‘I would snicker inwardly when I told my friends that I would be holed up the entire weekend on Burnaby Mountain doing my thesis, when, in fact, I would use the time to go bodysurfing in Tofino.’
    • ‘Sasha Pagella was bodysurfing off a Malaysian beach when the Boxing Day tsunami struck.’
    • ‘The feeling is like when, in bodysurfing, you rise with a cresting wave and, loosed from gravity, flow forward, free.’
    • ‘The beach is long and wide, the waves well-suited for bodysurfing around Scripps Pier.’
    • ‘People swear they can get modern fullsuits which allow bodysurfing in 50 degree water without ever getting the inside of the suit wet.’
    • ‘They are sociable and playful, and like to chase, play follow-my-leader and bodysurf.’
    • ‘West Cornwall-born Hannah, who works as a journalist at Radio Cornwall, grew up by the sea and learnt to swim in the ocean, spending much of her childhood at the beach bodysurfing.’
    • ‘There isn't much written about bodysurfing by bodysurfers.’
    • ‘After a few minutes, he let go of all his inhibitions, playing like a child, throwing himself into oncoming waves and trying to bodysurf.’
    • ‘The boys and I bodysurf and rent surfboards, plunging into happy white breakers.’
    • ‘I'ts interesting that you define bodysurfing as a subcultural activity and not surfing as well.’
    • ‘I hitched up my shorts and struck out for shore, bodysurfing the mediocre waves.’
    • ‘It was a summer of Hobie cats, surfing, bodysurfing, and my first bodyboard.’
    • ‘I've been standup surfing since early 1970, and bodysurfing and everything else for about ten years before that.’
    • ‘When Shilling himself first arrived to partake in West Coast water sports, he bodysurfed naked.’